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    Operating conditions Reason Countermeasures
    Early belt breaking 1、 without taking into account the passive wheel inertia.
    2、the load is too large or due to accidents, the passive wheel stop switch. Thereby greatly increasing the load force.
    3、pulley is too small. Belt force bending over.
    1、check the design.
    2、check the design.
    3、with checks designed to replace the minimum number of teeth of the pulley than the original.
    4、handling, storage, installation and operation should be sufficient attention and care.
    Belt edge wear 1、axis parallel degrees are not allowed.
    2、bearing rigid enough.
    3、pulley flange bending.
    4、pulley diameter smaller than the width of the belt.
    1、for calibrated positioning pulley.
    2、increasing the rigidity of bearings, and fixed solid.
    3、amendment or replacement of ribs.
    4、check the design.
    Belt tooth surface wear and tear 1、the load is too large.
    2、belt tensioning force is too large.
    3、incorporation of wear dust.
    4、due to the relationship between the oil so that belt contraction.
    1、improved design.
    2、to reduce the belt tensioning force.
    3、improve the environment, increase the protective cover.
    4、to prevent belt contaminated with oil or oil belt.
    Belt teeth paragraph 1、jump teeth.
    2、passive wheel bearings Shao Rong, etc. accident.
    1、a: the load is too large. b: the beginning of Zhang Jinli inadequate.
    c: mating teeth too small. d: Bearing rigid enough.
    2、a: check the design. b: to adjust the appropriate tension force.
    c: Increase pulley diameter. Increase the number of teeth meshing.
    d: exchange bearings. Enhanced bearing rigidity and fixation.
    With adhesive wear and cracking 1、external tensioning wheel set are inaccurate.
    2、encountered mechanical framework.
    3、a long period of low temperature state.
    1、the amendment tensioning wheel position.
    2、check and correct mechanical parts.
    3、to improve the environment temperature.
    With gum to soften 1、 high temperature.
    2、tension wheel stop switch.
    3、stained with oil.
    1、to improve the environment temperature.
    2、inspection, adjusting tension wheel.
    3、Do not stained with oil or change oil belt.
    Belt vertical cracking 1、belt pulley above the edge of operation.
    2、belt pulley on the volume of the wall.
    3、installing belt, the force passes over or dragged into the pulley wall.
    1、adjusting the pulley position.
    2、increased bearing stiffness and fixation.
    3、a: remove the ribs. b: to shorten the distance between axes, and put on belt.
    c: to relax tension wheel mounted on the belt.
    Body parts of tensile fracture Braced sharp sharp debris or residue. Improve the environment. Increase in shielding.
    Belt contraction Aniline point of the low viscosity of the aromatic type oil. To prevent oil glue. Use a good oil resistance belts.
    Run-time noisy 1、belt tensioning force too.
    2、2-axis parallel inaccurate.
    3、is greater than the width of the belt pulley diameter.
    4、the load is too large.
    5、belt on the pulley meshing bad.
    1、to reduce the tension force (do not jump teeth date).
    2、adjusting the pulley position.
    3、check the design.
    4、check the design.
    5、check the belt and pulley.
    With tooth wear 1、the load is too large.
    2、belt tension is too large.
    3、pulley material well.
    4、incorporation wear dust.
    1、check the design.
    2、reducing tension force.
    3、using a hard low and high surface hardening of materials.
    4、improve the environment and increase shielding.
    Looks elongation of the 1、the distance between the short axis.
    2、pulley soft material.
    1、adjust the distance between the axis, reinforced bearing support points.
    2、pulley using the hard material surface hardening.